Islamic Hijri Calendar 2023

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As the new year begins, it is time to plan for the upcoming year and all the important events and dates. For Muslims around the world, the Hijri Islamic calendar is one of the most significant things to prepare for. This calendar marks critical Islamic dates and events and helps Muslims daily. As one of the most numerous planning tools for Muslim communities, this calendar plays an essential role in their lives. Download Islamic Hijri Calendar 2023 Mod Apk, it is now easier to track essential occasions like Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr. So it is crucial to stay organized to attend all the special events.

Islamic Hijri Apk

What Is Islamic Hijri Calendar 2023 APK?

The Islamic Hijri Calendar 2023 APK is an excellent light weight app for all your religious needs and it provides users the Islamic lunar calendar for the year 2023. It includes the Hijri date, Islamic events, prayer time, Ramadan timing, Azan, qibla direction, audio Quran and more. The mod apk 2023 lets you quickly determine your religious activities throughout the year. The calendar consists of 12 months a year, allowing a community to decide the proper plan to start and end their fasts or prayers.

You can also use it to determine namaz time tables and other important information about religious practices. This is one of the best apps available as it helps users stay connected with their faith and ensure they follow their religious obligations correctly. This Muslim Calendar free download keeps track of Islamic dates. The app is designed to easily convert hijri and gregorian dates to view the corresponding Hijri or Islamic dates.

It allows the Islamic and Muslim communities to determine the proper days of all Islamic months with specific information. Additionally, the app will enable users to download Islamic plans, which can be used with the gregorian calendar for maximum accuracy. This app is handy for our Islamic needs and makes it much easier to keep track of important dates throughout the year.

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Islamic Hijri Apk Mod

Features Of Muslim Calendar MOD APK

Accurate Muslim Prayer Times And Moon Phases Accurate

Muslim Prayer reminder in the Hijri calendar mod (download for android) is an excellent option for Muslims to keep track of their daily prayers. This app provides an accurate prayer timings, including Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, and Isha. It also offers the option to set personalized reminders for each prayer so that you never miss out on namaz time. It also gives the exact moon phases at different hours of the day, which is essential for Muslims to know when to observe holy days like Ramadan and Eid. This mod apk helps ensure that even if you are busy with your daily routines or traveling, you can still stay connected with your religion and perform your religious obligations on schedule.

Comprehensive Islamic Dates

Islamic calendar android app offers users a comprehensive view of all the current Islamic occasions in their region. This app is designed to help Muslims accurately monitor and track all critical religious days throughout the year. The Hijri Islamic Calendar provides an intuitive display of dates and events, with features such as a full-month view, daily readings from the Quran and Hadith, prayer, Ramadan 2023 timings, fasting durations, and user customization options.

This app is also integrated with Google Maps, so users can check out mosques nearby for prayers or other activities. It also allows users to create lists for specific events to take advantage of important occasions or gatherings.

Islamic Hijri 2023

 Multiple Calendars and Time Zones

The mod version of Hijri 2023 app allows you to get information about events and holidays worldwide. The multiple calendars will enable you to choose the Islamic, Gregorian, or Julian calendar closest to your home. This app provides all the basic details of the Islamic calendar, such as prayer schedule and fasting duration. In addition, the Time Zones feature allows you to change the time zone of your location, which can help you travel. Users can select a country from the dropdown menu, and the time zone for that country will be automatically applied.

Ramadan, Hajj & Umrah and Eid Reminders

Ramadan, Hajj & Umrah, and Eid are important Islamic occasions observed by millions of Muslims worldwide. To help Muslims prepare and stay on track during these occasions, the Hijri calendar apk download is developed to provide timely reminders and helpful tips.

During the month of Ramadan 2023, the app can provide reminders for suhoor and iftar times and encourage users to read Quran and perform extra prayers. The app can also provide information about the significance of Ramadan and offer suggestions for healthy eating and self-improvement during this blessed month.

For those planning to perform Hajj or Umrah, the app can provide a comprehensive guide on preparing for the journey, including visa requirements, packing lists, and tips on completing the rituals. The app can also offer a virtual tour of the holy sites in Mecca and Medina and a prayer timetable to help pilgrims stay on track.

Islamic Hijri Mod

Azan & Quran Recitations

Muslim calendar apk for android offers Azan and Quran recitations by different Qaris can be an excellent tool for Muslims who want to listen to the beautiful recitations of the Quran and the call to prayer from other parts the world. This app can provide a variety of recitations in different styles and languages to cater to the diverse needs of Muslims worldwide.

The app can feature recitations of the Quran in various voices, such as Sheikh Sudais, Sheikh Mishary Rashid Alafasy, and Qari Abdul Basit. Users can listen to different surahs and ayahs in their favorite reciter’s voice and follow along with the Arabic text.

The app can also offer Azan recitation in different styles and languages, such as Arabic, Urdu, Turkish, and English, to cater to the diverse Muslim population. Users can select their preferred Azan reciter and listen to the beautiful call to prayer.

Hijri Islamic Calendar

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Download Hijri Islamic Calendar MOD APK 2023 (Latest Version)

In conclusion, the Islamic Calendar 2023 apk mod is a unique and revolutionary application for individuals of the Islamic faith. It provides a convenient way for users to track their progress in following the religious calendar and access important dates and events. It makes it easier to stay on top of important dates and allows users to explore the history behind the Hijri calendar itself.


How accurate is the Hijri Islamic Calendar APK 2023?

The application is based on the Ummul Qura calendar used in Saudi Arabia and is updated regularly to ensure accuracy.

What is the difference between the Hijri and Gregorian calendars?

The Hijri calendar is based on the lunar cycle and is used primarily in Muslim countries to determine Islamic holidays and religious observances. The Gregorian calendar, on the other hand, is based on the solar cycle and is used as the standard calendar in most of the world.


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